About Working City


Today, people are living an active lifestyle. Why should that stop when you’re working?

We’ve made it easy to convert your ordinary workstation into something special that encourages movement, lowers stress levels, reduces back and neck pain and much more!

Take a stand for a healthier life & Rise to the occasion.

No need to buy a new desk. Our standing desk converters sit right on top of your existing desk to completely change the way you work.

Encourages Movement

Employees who move more during the workday are healthier, happier, and more productive.

Flexible & Adaptable

No need to change all the furniture. Our desk risers sit right on top of your existing desk.

Improves Productivity

Sit-stand desk users can see a boost in their productivity by up to 46%*

Easy to Use

Going from sit to stand is easy and smooth, even loaded with monitors, laptops and/or other office equipment.

Healthier Lifestyle

An active office culture promotes lower stress levels, reduces back pain and much more.


What used to be complicated and expensive is now easy and affordable.

Much More Coming Soon...


Active Workplace


Large Quantity Orders

We offer discounts & wholesale pricing for large quantity orders. Contact us to learn more!