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A dynamic company focused on innovation. Our mission is to target the right customers with the right products at the right price. 

Working City provides value-added manufacturing services and distributes a full line of home improvement products including, but not limited to Bath, Lawn and Garden, Home Décor, Building Materials and related products.

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What We Do



From the design stage, we transform ideas into reality with our Global manufacturing prowess. With strong production lines, we can meet the needs of all customers, large and small, in record time.  



With offices in Toronto and Ningbo; and a state of the art distribution center, Working City has the products you need either domestically or shipped to your location directly from our factories in Asia. 



Idea’s are great, but it’s execution that makes all the difference. With many years of experience bringing product to market, Working City transforms ideas into productivity for our customers. 

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Working City Inc.